Age is a number, not a lifestyle choice

Personal Training


1-2-1 Training or small groups

 There are so many ways to exercise, you just need to choose which is right for you. Set some goals and we will do the rest. Walking, running, swimming, pool fitness, gym work and strength and balance work are to name just a few. Combining them can enable you to achieve your goals from the comfort of your home with a trainer who understands your individual needs.
Our clients can choose from:

  • Tailored fitness programmes 
  • Bone Health strength and weight bearing exercises
  • Corrective postural alignment
  • Pool fitness
  • Weight loss and body sculpting
  • 0 - 5K running plans with running partner
  • Strength and Balance Training
  • Kettlebell, TRX and Circuit training
  • Open water swimming
  • Adapted Tai Chi for Health